Derby City Boxing Academy

The Boxing Team

Alex Neave

I’ve been in the sport over 40 years and started as an amateur boxer myself. During this time I’ve helped coach aspiring and talented amateur boxers to develop their technique and progress through competitions. I really do enjoy coaching and anyone who wants to box or just wants to keep fit is most welcome. We have a great set of young people at our club and a great coaching team. I also head up the East Midlands Female squads at our club.

Gary Spearink

I’ve been coaching now for about 8 years, 2 of which have been at Derby City Boxing Academy. I’m also a member of the East Midlands Female Squad coaching team. I hope my love for the sport comes across in my coaching, as I enjoy helping the people who come to the club reach their goals.

Will Cheung


Who Does What?

Ladies Keep Fit

Laura Neave

Gemma Johnson

Keep Fit/Kettlebell Classes

John Malpass


Kelly Bates