Derby City Boxing Academy

About Us

Derby City Boxing Academy was founded in February 2009 by Midlands A.B.A. coach Alex Neave. The club itself is in a prime location for the younger society with its main aim being to promote boxing and provide a facility for those whom participate, helping them become responsible citizens and respecting their local community.

Our goal is to provide fair guidance and support to all, regardless of race, disability or gender. The club is affiliated to the Amateur Boxing Association of England (A.B.A.), which has set guidelines that all club members must follow. Amateur boxing is recognised worldwide as a contact sport, teaching the techniques and skills required to become an Amateur boxer under qualified instruction and supervision. Having inherited the desire to engage in combat from the beginning of man-kind, boxing enables individuals to release built up aggression, and provides a release from the every-day stresses life brings

Derby City Boxing Academy prides itself on the environment it operates which is based on camaraderie and encouragement between all members. Our first priority is the well-being of our boxers and their development as individuals. Our members come from many different cultural backgrounds, both male and female and the club aims to build self-esteem, confidence, improved communication skills, respect, self-discipline and life skills.