All About Us

Derby City Boxing Academy was founded in February 2009 by Midlands A.B.A coach Alex Neave.
The club itself is in a prime location for our younger society, our goal is to promote boxing and provide a facility for those whom participate, helping them become responsible citizens and respecting there local community.


At Derby City Boxing Academy our sessions are taken by qualified A.B.A instructors, having had experience of amateur boxing, we are aware of its positive attributes and believe by encouraging younger people into the sport, will in time actively improve there role in society enabling them to lead constructive and healthier lives.





At Derby City training consists of:

* Partner work
* Skipping
* Bag work
* Shadow boxing
* Technique/Skill
* Circuits
* Flush
* Full body stretch


 Per session an average 6-10 year old will lose around 500 calories
And a 17-34 year old will lose around 1000 calories
This is why balanced nutrition is essential to provide the boxer, enough fuel to get through training.